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Q. What exactly is an estate sale?

An estate sale acts as a garage sale on a bigger scale, where it allows you to liquidate the belongings of a family or an estate. After consulting over which items are worth selling, everything becomes advertised and priced. Its then soon sold to customers who leisurely walk around.

Q. What kind of stuff can I sell?

Our staff are experts in each field of collections. From jewelry, to specialty collections, to luxury items, our experts will properly appraise the merchandise within a home and price the merchandise for it to sell.

Q. Do I need to do any preparation for a sale?

Before the appraisers can price the merchandise, the family needs to figure out what they are taking with them out of the house. Such items include photographs, personal belongings, and important documents. Other than that, the process is stress-free! Leave the rest to us!

Q. Do I get a free consultation?

Yes, you do! To book a consultation, feel free to call Doug at 231-649-0941. Or email us at We’ll schedule a time and day that will work best for you.

Q. What happens to the leftover items?

After the sale is made there are many options available. We usually offer a list of local non-profit charities, donation companies, and clean out services that help assist you in figuring out the best option for the leftover items.

Q. Do you advertise?

We advertise utilizing local Newspapers, Estate, our Website, Craigslist and extensive email listings. We have fliers printed for all sales and placed in high visible areas all over the Estate Sale area including Wilson Antique Malls. Our Advertising is cost effective and results in many folks returning to all our sales.

Q. Do you have any references?

We do! Feel free to check our testimonials page and if you aren’t satisfied with what you see, contact us for an available list upon request.

Q. How long does the estate sale process take?

Its not a long process! The process takes an average of 1-2 weeks to begin and end. This is only an estimation as every house we appraise is different and some take more time to properly appraise, stage, and advertise. The estimated time for your house will be determined during the consultation.